What is contact center schedule adherence? A way to improve workforce performance.

Why does schedule adherence matter? It can improve agent productivity in your contact center by 20-30%.*

CommunityWFM seamlessly integrates three levels of schedule adherence reporting for supervisors, schedulers, and agents. Instantly view real-time alerts, monitor daily or weekly performance, and access historic adherence reports.

Adherence reporting tools and agent event reminders within the software are also powerful drivers of ROI. CommunityWFM users routinely observe 10, 20, or even 30% increases in captured productive hours when it comes to tracking schedule adherence. This means that contact centers who invest in CommunityWFM experience returns on their investment usually within 2-3 months of full deployment. This ROI can extend even further as a contact center continues to improve schedule adherence strategies.

Are you still asking yourself "what is schedule adherence and why does it matter to my business"? The answer is simple - it's one of the most effective ways to reduce workforce costs, boost service quality, and improve overall productivity.

*Estimates derived from CommunityWFM ROI models and existing client performance.

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Optimize schedule adherence to experience the seamless solution of modern reporting.

The robust interface of CommunityWFM merges the adherence rate and performance alongside daily schedules for intraday schedule management. Access real-time adherence alerts detailing contact center performance metrics by team or at the agent level.

  • Photo-based reporting and real-time notifications when poor adherence occurs
  • Quickly view contact center adherence threshold values and individual agent status
  • Access agent adherence summaries by event, skill, or phone state
  • Utilize one click adherence reconciliation
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Raise the productivity of contact center agents and reduce adherence problems.

Improve agent efficiency and meet adherence goals by keeping everyone informed of their contact center schedule adherence status throughout the day. CommunityWFM keeps agents up to date on their schedule adherence percentage and other individual metrics by presenting real-time reports in the Agent Portal and within the mobile application.

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At a high level, how is adherence with CommunityWFM different from other companies?

When it comes to improving schedule adherence, CommunityWFM understands that there are specific metrics which are critical to the success of your contact center. We enable not only the close monitoring of these metrics but also the ability to see agent performance at a broader scale to help with the end goal of improving customer satisfaction.

There are three areas of the CommunityWFM adherence solution that stand out and make agent monitoring more actionable.

  • Holistic viewpoint – See the exact percentage of agents that are currently in and out of schedule adherence at any time throughout the work day.
  • Granular detail approach – Go from a broad view to the fine details in seconds. Know when and why each agent is out of schedule adherence and when they are set to return.
  • Enabling quick adjustments – Need to switch an agent state manually? Modifying the adherence and assigned schedules of agents can be done in seconds and can be seen by everyone.

Built by experienced workforce management experts, CommunityWFM is what contact center leadership needs to manage agents efficiently to help with improving the customer experience. It's a contact center schedule adherence solution that checks all the boxes.

How can CommunityWFM improve schedule adherence to help a company make better decisions so they can save time and money?

Managing in a contact center is a delicate balance. You want to improve schedule adherence to keep agents productive while still ensuring they are happy and understand why a contact center needs to make certain decisions. A modern solution helps improve adherence with the following features and functionality.

  • Adherence summaries can be accessed by event, skill, or phone state (based on ACD data).
  • Photo-based indicators make locating a specific agent faster and improves employee engagement.
  • Data can be combined to enhance adherence metrics at a team level for different departments or groups.
  • Three types of reporting at the supervisor, WFM analyst, and agent level.
  • Adherence information is retained forever to improve operational efficiency and can be referenced at any time.
  • Quick views into the contact center threshold value and individual agent statuses help with managing adherence and fine tuning operations.

The CommunityWFM contact center schedule adherence solution lets multiple roles – including agents themselves – know exactly what is happening in regards to their schedule adherence goals at any time and stores the information to help with making better decisions in the future.

Can you briefly explain adherence reporting in CommunityWFM and why it’s important?

One of the primary reasons why CommunityWFM is a leader in the workforce management software industry is how the product can seamlessly report on agent performance. Putting together a schedule is one task, but having modern day adherence calculated to complement shifts in real time is a game changer.

Within CommunityWFM, optimizing schedule adherence through reports means understanding exactly when and why agents were out and team monitoring lets you see the status of everyone in day/week/month views. It’s also possible to quickly toggle event types (such as direct adherence scheduled) and monitor device states all from the same adherence reporting dashboard.

Together all of this provides immediate and actionable data in real time to a contact center and, best of all, the adherence data is also available to both agents and supervisors on the go through the Community Everywhere mobile app.

Does CommunityWFM provide real-time adherence alerts? If so, how do they work?

Yes, real-time adherence alerts are provided within CommunityWFM as the software will constantly calculate schedule adherence throughout the day. Once configured, these alerts can be very important to improving adherence and customer service levels.

The purpose of these alerts is to indicate a change in the work status of an agent. An alert can be created and configured to work at both single and multiple locations. Each alert can also be given its own refresh time based on system configurations. Setting up alerts like this help with seeing how closely agents stick to the schedule they are assigned.

Lastly, alerts can be customized so that only certain violations, such as being out of schedule adherence for an extended period, will cause an alert to trigger. As can probably be deduced, adherence alerts in CommunityWFM are highly customizable to meet the unique needs of any contact center. Utilizing these alerts is a great way to improve operational efficiency.

Looking to improve your contact center adherence and agent monitoring?

Take a look at our one page infosheet on the topic to see more about the specific features.

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