Leave spreadsheet frustration behind with modern SMB workforce management software.

CommunityWFM Essentials is an ideal automated workforce management software solution for small and medium sized contact centers.

Are you attempting to meet your current needs through manual processes and spreadsheets?

Even for smaller businesses (SMBs), managing a contact center workforce can be a challenge. Hours are spent manually creating the schedule in a spreadsheet every week, only to see it change in an instant. Spreadsheets can't get the job done, and constantly having to tinker with schedules in them can impact your employee retention and customer service levels. If scheduling isn't under control, this and other risk factors may impact new business or retaining your existing customers.

The CommunityWFM Essentials solution was created because of the need for a small business to manage their contact center workforce like a large organization to ensure operational efficiency and the bottom line remain healthy. Built with many of the same industry leading features in our Enterprise solution, which companies can upgrade to with a quick license change, Essentials has everything a SMB needs for their workforce. It's modern and efficient automated workforce management software for small business contact centers to take care of schedules and other needs without breaking the bank.


Workforces thrive when everyone feels a part of the Community. 

The foundation of Essentials unites teams with actionable data and streamlined processes.


Agent Portal and App

Communicate directly with your agents about schedule changes and employee productivity through the CommunityWFM Essentials cloud-based agent portal or mobile app. By connecting agents, supervisors, and analysts across multiple channels it means everyone is involved in the scheduling process. 


Automated Data Collection

Exceeding customer expectations is only possible when you have a high performing team. Automated data collection and reporting in CommunityWFM Essentials is where the information that makes a difference is created. Track and report on shift start times, lunches, breaks, and other off-phone activities.  


Easy Forecasting and Scheduling

Trying to create schedules and forecasts with multi-skill agents can be chaotic and inaccurate. It's also time consuming. Community has simplified the forecasting and scheduling process with interactive advanced features so that forecasts, schedules, and any adjustments can be made quickly.


Forecasting and Scheduling

Improve forecasting accuracy and get schedules right.

When you're managing a workforce of any size, getting solid data to create accurate forecasts is a key step to success. Without accurate data, your forecasts have no chance to create solid schedules.

CommunityWFM powers one of the top forecasting engines in the market by pulling from multiple data sources, not just one or two. Including both external integrations and spreadsheets sources, create as many forecasts as you want to find the one you need.

Best of all, once your high accuracy forecast is finalized, WFM software users can make realistic cost-conscious schedules in a few minutes. 

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Real-time Adherence Monitoring

Full monitoring of your workforce from one place.

Has Tim clocked in? When does Beth start? Is Mary still on PTO? Has Martha come back from break?

Keeping tabs on your workforce is required to keep productivity high. But how does your team monitor everyone without micromanaging?

CommunityWFM provides one of the top adherence solutions in the industry with detailed agent and employee data in real-time and through a complete post performance management analysis.

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Why choose CommunityWFM Essentials to solve your needs?

  • Industry agnostic - Our contact center workforce management software is built for wide variety of scheduling cultures and industries including health care, credit unions, insurance, utilities, financial services, technical support, business process outsourcing (BPOs), retail, government agencies, and many others.

  • Ease of use - CommunityWFM automatically imports new queues directly from your ACD (active call distributor), enables data collection, and makes your new queue ready for forecasting and scheduling without requiring technical support.

  • Excellent product resources - Being a CommunityWFM customer means working with a team that has your back. From access to trained product professionals to an extensive library of documentation, your company will be well prepared to make the most of modern workforce management system to improve your operations. 
  • Streamlined forecasting and scheduling - With only a few clicks, CommunityWFM turns the time consuming and difficult process of creating a multi-skill forecast and schedule into a simple and streamlined experience. Its never been easier to create excellent forecasts and schedules to improve customer interactions.

  • Communication is a top priority - Communication is vital to ensuring smaller workforce teams thrive. That's why CommunityWFM Essentials was built with a focus on employee engagement through strong internal communication.

  • Streamlined upgrade process - Some WFM software solutions force you to learn an entirely new system as your contact center grows. CommunityWFM provides a seamless upgrade process with only a license key change to move from Essentials to our more robust and flagship Enterprise product.

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