Make informed decisions using advanced workforce management reporting.

Real-time visual WFM reporting to make actionable decisions.

CommunityWFM is a leader when it comes to workforce management reporting because of the unique and relevant data we provide to our customers. With a priority on relevant data that is easy to access and understand, businesses are able to get the information they need to make actionable decisions that matter.

No more hunting for detailed reports or making workforce management decisions based on hunches or irrelevant information. Leverage data that matters and even have our Customer Success team assist in combining data from other sources via import to make your WFM software solution a hub of information.

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Expansive reporting that covers a broad product suite.

CommunityWFM reporting isn't limited to a single product area or solution within workforce management tools. There is a large library of reports to ensure accurate and relevant data is always available.

Common WFM reports include:

  • Adherence monitoring
  • Adherence comparisons
  • Agent adherence violations
  • Daily adherence analysis
  • Daily schedule analysis
  • Intraday performance reports in relation to staffing
  • Intraday performance in relation to contact volume
  • Real-time adherence alerts
  • Schedule analytics
  • Schedule event summary
  • Schedule grade service summary
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Spend less time waiting and more time analyzing data.

The WFM reporting technology provided by CommunityWFM has been engineered from the ground up to prioritize speed, efficiency, and overall visual clarity. 

Whether the reporting date range is for a month or a year, contact centers can expect surprisingly fast loading summary information regardless of their unique reporting demands.

There's no need to spend an afternoon running reports, exporting them, and recreating graphs and charts over and over again. CommunityWFM provides the data contact centers require and has experts on staff to help companies create reports in an easy to manage structure.

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Reporting FAQ

At a high level, how is reporting in CommunityWFM different from other companies?

Some workforce management software providers offer reporting but it remains limited in scale. CommunityWFM brings to market one of the more robust reporting suites on the market today that spans across multiple WFM processes and areas.

  • Schedule auditing – A few clicks and it's easy to see where a schedule went right and where it didn't with deep analysis into scheduling results.
  • Real-time intraday – Leveraging AI capabilities based on historical data, CommunityWFM can tell you how the day is going and even predict future staffing needs.
  • Time off requests – Want to be fairer about which agents get the day off? See a detailed report who and when requested time off and approve them the right way.

Getting the most out of your WFM software means having access to reports that matter to your contact center. CommuntiyWFM has spent over a decade refining their reporting capabilities by working directly with contact centers to provide data that truly makes a difference.

Does CommunityWFM have shrinkage reporting?

Absolutely. There is a dedicated report called the Shrinkage Summary Report which provides data in different ways based on the activity and date range selected. 

You can also view reporting related to your forecast accuracy shrinkage in a different section.

Does CommunityWFM provide any change log reporting?

Yes. This is a relatively recent addition and was a popular request among our customers.

Within the Change Audit Log a contact center can see detailed information around who in the system modified key data points such as agent profiles and collection points. Having this information trail in place helps to ensure fair staffing occurs.