Contact center intraday management minimizes excess and improves overall team efficiency.

Experience the power and simplicity of intraday workforce management through automated schedule adjustment plans.

Many contact centers think of workforce management software as only a solution for forecasting and scheduling. But what about when changes need to be made with a group of agents during the middle of the work day? For making swift and impactful changes on the fly, contact centers rely on intraday schedule management with CommunityWFM to keep staffing levels and productivity high.

CommunityWFM contact center intraday management software delivers eight wizard-based strategies for flexing agent schedules through the Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (ASAP) framework. Schedulers simply identify the parameters for their WFM intraday management schedule adjustment strategy and CommunityWFM will identify the qualified agents, make the necessary schedule adjustments and notify all impacted agents.

Rapidly shift hundreds of schedules and notify agents with a few clicks.

CommunityWFM has streamlined the call center intraday workforce management process with Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (ASAP). Now, rather than managing contact center scheduling on a single, ad-hoc basis, supervisors can efficiently flex the schedules of their entire agent WFM intraday workforce and deliver messages on six distinct notification channels with just a few entries.

  • Eight wizard-based schedule adjustment strategies for intraday automation
  • Intelligent, parameter-based, schedule change controls
  • Bi-directional communications through your agents' preferred channels
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Quickly assess the risks and opportunities of each day, and flex your workforce with military precision in just a few minutes.

Agents can receive offers for overtime (when unexpected spikes in contact volume occur) or under-time and accept or decline those offers on any one, combination of or all of your notification channels of choice. Accepted offers will automatically update the schedules and ASAP will automatically notify the agents again on those same channels.

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CommunityWFM keeps your agents informed - so you don't have to.

The one-of-a kind, imbedded communication framework within CommunityWFM will transform your contact center team into an agile workforce, increasing your ability to sustain a consistent level of customer service. When a schedule adjustment has been made, CommunityWFM will instantly notify all impacted agents through preferred channels. Plus, the communication framework improves agent performance by enabling agents to accept overtime offers and submit time-off requests for approval.

  • Automated delivery of emails and text messages
  • In-app messaging through memos, pop-ups and streaming messages
  • Bi-directional communication via the mobile application
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Intraday Management FAQ

At a high level, how is intraday management with CommunityWFM different from other companies?

CommunityWFM's intraday management stands out because of how the solution can enable contact centers to quickly modify staffing. As contact volume fluctuates, intraday changes can be made quickly to help with maintaining efficiency levels while still keeping costs top of mind. 

There are three ways in particular that the CommunityWFM intraday management solution works to improve contact center productivity.

  • Assessing the risks – Evaluate the potential impact of possible shift adjustments before
    making a decision.
  • Be selective – Let agents who have the right skills opt-in for future shift adjustment opportunities.
  • Change quickly – Altering the schedules of one or many agents based on customer demand takes only a few clicks, not a few hours.

Getting intraday management right is about staffing and up and down as needed without the delays and hassle. CommunityWFM understands this and provides one of the best intraday management call center / contact center products in the industry.

How does intraday management with CommunityWFM save my contact center time and money?

Simply put, CommunityWFM streamlines intraday management by enabling your contact center to make fast and smart decisions. See below for a few examples.

  • Move or cancel events in bulk without manually adjusting schedules and notify all involved.
  • Parameters around channel skills can be configured so only the appropriate agents for the shift are considered to maintain service levels.
  • Re-optimize off phone time to improve contact center morale and operations.
  • Agents with overtime considerations can be immediately excluded from shift opportunities.
  • Plan meetings and automatically consider the availability of everyone involved.
  • Eight unique scheduling strategies are outlined step-by-step to simplify the intraday management process.

Making fast decisions is great, but you also need to make decisions that matter. CommunityWFM intraday management allows a contact center to factor in both components into any decision making process related to staffing.

Can you briefly explain the notification system and how it helps with intraday management?

Definitely. Notifications within CommunityWFM intraday management enable a WFM analyst to execute a simultaneous response strategy across multiple channels to improve customer satisfaction.

Whether its an intraday automation email, a text message, or a ping through Microsoft Teams, it's easy to start a bi-directional conversation with one or multiple agents directly from CommunityWFM. Best of all, these messages can have clear action items to encourage quick responses from agents.

How does the Community Everywhere mobile app factor into intraday staffing?

Very few workforce management companies have a mobile app experience that they fully leverage and is aligned directly with their core software solution. The Community Everywhere mobile app adds another layer to intraday planning by making agents available from anywhere and at any time.

Whether an agent is on the clock or at home, they can see what's happening in their contact center through the app. From shift availability to announcements and everything in between, Community Everywhere is critical to executing successful intraday management strategies.

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