What is contact center agent portal software? A way to improve and streamline agent communication.

A workforce management portal with a feature-rich contact center agent interface.

The CommunityWFM Agent Portal serves as the agent's personal browser-based scheduling and communication hub. Here agents can manage their schedules, review adherence, and receive and respond to all related communication. Keep your agents in the loop whether they are on site, at home, or on-the-go.

  • Weekly or monthly schedule views
  • Receive notifications for event reminders and schedule changes
  • Receive and accept overtime offers
  • Agent adherence reporting
  • Access schedule bidding
  • Manage communication preferences

So, what is a WFM agent portal and what can it do for your business? It's a contact center agent software solution to streamline agent communication and make agents happier. Best of all, the portal can be configured to one of four languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) for every individual agent.

AP Agent Portal Main Dashboard - 2 MB CROP V3 581pxw-2

Robust schedule bidding to boost agent engagement.

The Agent Portal empowers agents with the ability to bid on upcoming schedules. Available schedules are presorted based on individual agent start times and days off. Agents can like, dislike and bookmark schedules based on preference, and each schedule is color coded to designate the likelihood that an agent will secure their shifts of choice.

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Want to learn more about our agent portal solution and how it can help your contact center?

Our one page product infosheet outlines the unique and powerful capabilities that make a difference.

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