Built-in time off management streamlines the PTO process and ensures the right agents are staffed.

Time off management shouldn't be a complex and manual process. Automate key steps from start to finish. 

Take the headaches out of managing agent PTO with the contact center time off management solution from CommunityWFM workforce management software. Whether you're importing data from an API integration or Excel, managing PTO and sick leave hours is a simple process. With the ability to support negative balances and a unique bidding process with instant results, CommunityWFM provides one of the most modern and sophisticated time off management solutions for contact centers on the market today.



A predictive contact center time off management solution with instant results.

Imagine if your agents could know whether or not they were able to get the days off they wanted before creating a PTO request?

Reduce the overall number of submissions your team handles with paid time off management from CommunityWFM. Create color coded calendars for different agent groups and let agents see in real-time the likeliness of their single or multi-day request being approved.

Best of all, rules can be created and configured by a WFM analyst for each calendar. Do you need different rules for different agents or departments? No problem. Highly customizable rules and discrete settings enable unique scenarios based on an agent group, shift time, wait list status, historical data, and more. It's a simplified approach for your contact center that results in less manual work and lower contact center absenteeism.


Managing time off the way you to want without technical constraints

CommunityWFM has built one of the most powerful and customizable contact center time off management solutions. Below are some of the most popular capabilities.

  • Unlimited number of classifications - PTO, sick leave, unpaid absence, training... create any time off classification you want. Each time off "bucket" can have its own rules and restrictions.
  • Control agent time off eligibility - Your team sets the rules on how and when agents become eligible for different types of time off.
  • Multiple data management options - Time off accrual data can be shared between systems through API, Excel import, or manual input.
  • Custom integrations - Do you need to connect with an HR system? Have a special case? The CommunityWFM team can guide you towards a specific integration to meet your needs.

A modern and feature rich approach to time off bidding.

When you utilize time off bidding, you're often all-in with the technology. We are proud to provide one of the most robust time off bidding solutions in the industry.

One of the unique factors that makes CommunityWFM time off bidding different from the competition is the instantaneous and automated nature of the bidding process.

CommunityWFM time off bidding allows for fully automated bidding rounds with varying rules. When an agent participates in a bid, they can see in real-time through a color coded calendar the likeliness that their bid will be successful. This process helps to reduce the need for rebidding in many scenarios.

Let your preferred agents bid first with confidence and automatically open and close different steps in the time off bidding process. It's a powerful approach to contact center time off bidding.


Time Off Management FAQ

At a high level, how is time off management with CommunityWFM different from other companies?

There are many workforce management solutions on the market today which offer little to no time off management capabilities. Not only does CommunityWFM provide time off management as part of its core product offering, the features and functionality offered go above and beyond to help a contact center meet their business needs and improve agent morale.

There are three parts of the CommunityWFM time off management solution that are commonly praised by users.

  • Custom accrual processes – You define how agents earn time off by creating customized methods that fit your business.
  • Agent level balance tracking – Let agents keep track of their time off hours without needing to ask their supervisors.
  • Unique bidding capabilities – Create a priority bidding process for popular days and empower agents to easily bid on days off without leaving the WFM software.

Time off management within CommunityWFM is a true end-to-end solution that makes a difference in improving the performance metrics of a contact center.

How can CommunityWFM time off management save my contact center time and money?

Simply put, CommunityWFM takes the guesswork out of time off management and simplifies the process in many different ways.

  • Approve or deny all time off requests for a specific period in just a few clicks.
  • Let agents wait list for popular days so their requests can be approved if another agent cancels their time off.
  • Color coded calendars improve the overall agent time off selection process by letting agents know how likely their request is to be approved.
  • Set thresholds for minimum hours or days worked before enabling time off options.
  • Tailor calendar rules by department so each group has their own unique set of time off parameters.
  • Unlimited classifications for agent time off including PTO, sick leave, unpaid, and more.

A common theme of the ways listed above is the ability to make the time off management solution fit the unique needs of a contact center. This high level of customization is really the primary way the technology saves time and money. It creates an environment of efficiency that reduces operational costs and creates a happier agent workplace.

Does the CommunityWFM time off management solution integrate with HR and payroll systems?

Absolutely. CommunityWFM has a dedicated team who is able to work with customers to configure each unique integration to ensure it meets the needs and demands of each system.

CommunityWFM also supports uploads from Excel with a streamlined data mapping process to ensure each agent receives the right amount of time off hours. This process only takes a few minutes and is often preferred by contact centers looking to reduce overhead integration efforts.

Can you tell me a little more about how time off bidding works within CommunityWFM?

Time off bidding in CommunityWFM leverages our unique and powerful agent scheduling bid engine to create one of the most streamlined experiences available to contact centers on the market today.

The process involves creating bidding rounds that are fully automated and can be configured to have varying and customized rules. Many components of this process are conveyed through a color coded bidding calendar where agents can see how likely they are to have a successful bid for their days off. For example, spring break or other peak seasons may be displayed as red on the calendar because it’s a commonly requested day off.

In addition to having color coded probabilities for successful bid submissions, contact centers can allow preferred groups of agents to bid first. Does your contact center value performance metrics the most? How about seniority? Maybe service level is the top metric? What about a mix of all three? CommunityWFM enables a contact center to let any group they desire bid first to reward agent performance in relation to their company culture and goals.

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